Meet Nagendra

If you're a spiritual seeker who has long suspected there's more to you, more to life, or more to the Universe - and you're ready to reach your full potential and experience the highest states of consciousness - then let Nagendra help you!

Nagendra is the founder of Mind Prana Academy, where he combines ancient wisdom with modern science, sacred yoga, and transformational heart psychology. 

Since its inception, Mind Prana has helped thousands of students from around the world create lives of more alignment, intuition, and magic.

As you're about to discover, happiness is a default state for human beings (and a prerequisite for miracles). You're not only hard-wired for happiness, you have within you the possibility of an ecstatic life. For over 20 years, Nagendra has sought out, lived with, and apprenticed with mystics, shamans, medicine men, yogis, gurus, healers, and saints. He has distilled the wisdom of the world's most powerful spiritual traditions into easy to understand lessons that transform lives and give instant results in health, wealth, happiness, and spirituality.

If you're ready to fully awaken into a life where anything is possible, grab our life-changing collection of free lessons in practical meditation, mindfulness, manifestation, and ecstatic mysticism. It's called Zero to Zen: The Modern Mystic's Guide To Practical Spirituality, and it's available to everyone for free.


The Modern Mystic's Guide To Practical Spirituality

Transform your life with simple practices that deliver REAL results in health, wealth, happiness, and spirituality.

What would you do if anything were possible?

You've heard it said that life is an adventure. Or that life is a playground. And perhaps you can remember life being that way when you were a kid. 

What happened?

That place of presence... of possibility, power, and play still exists. And right now, you can return to the experience of the magic of life. When you do, you'll discover a truth you've long suspected...

Anything truly is possible. Your secret hopes, your deepest dreams... even miracles. But don't take my word for it, go through the lessons below and prove it to yourself.

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