Can one spiritual practice solve all your problems?

If you’re like me, some days it feels like you’ve just got way too many problems to handle. Perhaps more than any one person should have to handle by themself. A few days ago, I was in that boat. My problems ranged from the intricacies of relationships to finances, even to health. Some were small problems, easily solved, others, impossible ones. Anyways, fast forward a few days, and now, I’m sitting by the ocean out in Laguna Beach, CA and all my problems are gone.

No, this isn’t magic, and it’s nothing you can buy, it’s a simple spiritual practice.

If you’re familiar with my story, then you know I’m always trying to simplify the spiritual path. How can we distill complicated, esoteric teachings and turn them into effortless truths that immediately impact our lives?

Well, I was just reading some Advaita Zen from Mooji's "White Fire" this morning, listening to the ocean, and came across this little quote that inspired me so much I had to share it.

Your life should not be okay.
Your life should be sparkling.
Happy, contented, complete.
A Buddha’s Life is not okay.
Krishna’s life is not okay.
Ramana is not okay.
They are K.O.
You understand?
They knocked out the nonsense out of themselves.
An ‘Ok’ life should not be accepted by any intelligent being.
You have to discover, or unclothe your own Buddha Self,
your own Christ Consciousness, your own Shiva Being.

Now that’s a pretty cool passage, but how do you access it? That’s where problems come in. As long as you hold the viewpoint that you have problems, you aren’t experiencing a sparkling life. As long as you have problems, life can only be ‘okay.’ So how do you get rid of problems?

You let them go.

You give them up. Surrender them to God, to Shiva, to the Universe, the Divine, to Whatever Name or Idea You Want, but just give them up. Trust that everything is okay, perfect, and going according to plan. Let the Higher Power worry about how everything is going to work out because, let’s be honest, everything always works out. You’re still here aren’t you? You’ve overcome the seeming impossible time and time again. And in the end, against whatever odds you’re up against, somehow, you always come out on top. You always triumph, and you always survive.

Now if we just start trusting that, then we can give up our problems. Instead of having fear, we can have faith. Instead of pain, we can have peace.

We’re all dealing with some major stuff in our lives, but if we consider those things to be problems, we create suffering. Instead, let’s just let them go so we can behold the power of the incredible workings of the Universe. I’m not saying you won’t have to get your hands dirty because sometimes you will, I’m saying you can meet the challenges of life with grace, peace, and knowing.

This act of giving up your problems is a form of meditation. It’s one you can practice any time. You just consciously let them all go, and feel the relief as you trust God or Whoever to take care of everything. Worrying and stressing about a situation doesn’t help solve the situation.

So this morning, I’ve been letting go of all my problems. After a few minutes of this meditation, just like magic, poof! they were all gone, and I was able to sink deeper into the joy of the Present Moment. The really cool thing about this practice was that as I let go of my problems, intuition kicked in and I started seeing possibilities and solutions where moments before, there had only been suffering.

This one little practice is a life changer. It’s both the beginning and the end of the spiritual path because when you let it all go, suddenly you find Yourself. I recommend trying it out for 5 minutes, really connect to that feeling of surrender and release, and then see if you can keep it going throughout the day. Imagine what it would feel like if all your problems were gone... then go do it!

Go ahead and give that a try today. I’d love to hear how it goes. And as always, if you need any help, just shoot me an email.

Sending you Infinite Love and Peace,

Chris von der Mehden

Founder, Mind Prana