The Greatest Spiritual Secret

mystery school
The hardest part about the spiritual journey for me has been giving up the desire to accumulate knowledge.
The ego wants to know stuff! It wants to accumulate more and more spiritual data, but have you ever noticed that there is no end to this type of learning? Think about it. How many spiritual books do you have? How many more do you need?
And how many have you mastered?
Everyone "knows" things like practice gratitude, always do your best, don't take anything personally, love one another. But ask yourself this: is there anything else you need to know? Can not any one of those little aphorisms lead you all the way into a liberated life?
At some point on the path, you have to give up the desire to accumulate book knowledge, and instead seek out Direct Experience.
As an example, if you've ever studied the chakras, everyone will tell you they're spinning wheels and the 3rd one is yellow and it resonates with citrine and is about your will, etc. And while that's all nice to "know", what does it actually mean? What does it actually do for you? What does it change about your reality?
Yesterday, I showed some of my Mystery School students how to push their awareness into what's commonly called the 3rd chakra. I asked them to let go of everything they'd "learned" and go in empty.
What they experienced was rebirth, renewal, becoming a kid again, the release of blocks and limitations, and entering into a new world full of possibility and as if for the first time. They had Direct Experience more profound and lasting than anything I've even experienced with plant medicine.
They underwent a complete transformation.
Every single person had deep healings, releases, empowerments, and awakenings, but they didn't gather any book knowledge. They didn't "learn" anything in the way that people normally go about spirituality. They gathered Soul-level understanding and experience that they can now incorporate into their lives to do the work that they came here to do.
Each person is now more free, more loving, and more able to affect reality. And all this without "learning" anything you could find in a book.
Has your mind hijacked your awakening like it did mine for so many years? Has it convinced you that you need to spend years learning a bunch of stuff?
The greatest secret in spirituality is simply this: there is nothing to learn. You are already one with the Universe, and when that clicks, the greatest adventure of your life begins.
What if there was nothing to learn? What would you do then?
Would you get up and allow your consciousness to walk through the door that's been within you and all around you all along?
There's nothing theoretical about the work we do in Mystery School. There is no data to learn. There is only Direct Experience.
Be here now.
Love another.
The answers you seek are within.
Don't worry, be happy.
You are the Universe.
What else is there to say?