What's all this talk about "Starseeds"?

Just looking at this pillar is putting me into an altered state of consciousness.
Warning: it's about to get WEIRD! 👽
We've been using an advanced group meditation technique over in Mystery School that we've been calling "Deep Dives." It's based on the last two stages of yoga in the Patanjali system - dhyana and samadhi. In a matter of minutes, we've found that we can move people into states of oneness, euphoria, and enlightenment, and now we're using the same meditation technology to explore things of interest.
One of the areas of interest that showed up a couple days ago was the concept of Starseeds. This is something I've never personally paid much attention to, but it was pointed out that some people believe there are various types of Starseeds, people who feel like they existed in other star systems before incarnating into this one.
IMPORTANT: I'm offering nothing to believe in the experiences that follow. I'm simply sharing my experience of what happened on a Starseed Dive into the Orion system. I have no beliefs one way or the other on anything that follows. Beliefs only get in the way of Direct Experience.
When I learned of the variety of Starseed systems commonly talked about, I felt a strange calling to Orion. Just thinking about it started sucking my consciousness in that direction. So when we finally did the Dive, it felt like entering a wormhole, and within seconds, I was somewhere else.
The first thing I noticed was a pillar. It looked so advanced that it looked ancient. This was a technology so far beyond what we conceive of as technology as to be mind-blowing. I had a sense that everything here had multitudinous uses. The pillar wasn't just structural support, it was a computer and a transmitter and a receiver and performed functions it would take perhaps decades to fully grasp. This thing was built atom by atom. The very arrangement of every individual atom was done with design, intent, and artistry. And everything in the society was that way!
There was a command over the elements and matter here that was simply astounding.
As I began exploring the building I was in, I got the sense that this was some kind of galactic hub. There were connections here to various parts of the Universe and the ability to travel across space-time at the speed of thought. Research, exploration, investigation, growth, and fun were all the same thing, and the beings here had access to the entire Universe.
As I continued to explore their technology, eventually, they became aware of me. Suddenly, I was back in my body and I was being scanned. I could feel them probing every atom of my body and mind. There was no hiding, so I simply relaxed and let them know my intent. We were there as part of our intention to evolve life on earth. We were interested in the evolution and enlightenment of humanity and the creation of Heaven on Earth.
When the scan was complete, my body began downloading an upgrade. Or perhaps you could say that an aspect of my True Self began uploading an update to the body on Earth. However you look at it, the consciousness within me expanded. It freed itself of various prisons of belief and energetic ties. While most people "know" they're not their body, most people are still VERY identified with their body. As the update proceeded, I had the complete realization of not being the body. There was zero identification with it. It simply occurred as a vehicle that my higher consciousness was "driving" around in.
Other upgrades happened, and it felt like my very DNA was activating. I may share some of these at a later time.
Aside from no longer being my body, one of the most important upgrades was the experience of no longer being human. (Again, there's nothing to believe here, but there's an energetic experience or "device" that you can use that will set you free.)
With the experience of no longer being human, there was absolute freedom. When you think of the sometimes absurdity of the human experience and how all-consuming it is of your attention, to leave that behind is a profound awakening and liberation.
No longer was I concerned with things like the appearance of my physical body, the need to have a certain house or car, the accumulation of material things, the consumption of mindless entertainment, or the pursuit of endless forms of distraction. In a flash, all that was gone. And what was left was a conscious participation in Life Itself. There was a feeling of Mission and Soul Purpose, the sense of being here to contribute to the awakening of the planet and the co-creation of Heaven on Earth.
There were no more limitations tied to circumstance or "just being a human." There was only freedom, power, and Infinite Possibility.
As my body was downloading this expanded consciousness, I could no longer jump through the Orion portal. It was like I had to stay in my body and complete the update. As it finished, I felt a galactic veil came down. Whereas before, this veil had forced a myopic vision of my life on earth, I suddenly became aware of life throughout the Universe. I could see and feel connections to beings throughout the cosmos, in all directions.
On some level, I already knew that we're all standing on a planet that's hurtling through space at insane speeds, but now I was aware of the vastness and interconnectedness of space. Even now, it feels like I'm walking through space (cue Monty Python's Galaxy Song) while being on Earth.
And that right there is now my energetic anchor to this place of consciousness.
👉 Taking down the myopic veil and allowing your awareness to include life throughout the galaxy very quickly helps you drop the "human conditioning", allowing yourself to recall what it means to be a Cosmic Being experiencing life on Earth. You are *already* connected to all life throughout the Cosmos, this is about regaining the awareness of that connection and allowing it to transform you. There is a reason you're here. There is a reason you've chosen to incarnate into the world at this time. Allow your awareness to return to the stars and beyond from whence it came, and when you do, you're suddenly called to do the work that You - the Soul - is here to do.
You don't need to believe anything written here. But if the device serves you, use it well. 🙏💚