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There has never been a faster path to peace. In 45 minutes or less, you can learn to enter states of healing, ecstasy, freedom, bliss, and even enlightenment using Selvica's Deep Dive Process.


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About Mystic Awakenings

What if someone told you there was a simple process you could do right now that would bring about healing, rejuvenation, purification, enlightened awareness, and allow you to sink into a state of perfect oneness and flow with the Universe? At the same time, what if that same process could unlock a hidden potential within you beyond anything you've ever imagined possible?

Would you try it? If you're like most people, you would be curious and want to learn more. And as fantastic as this sounds, this is exactly what people experience during a Deep Dive.

A Deep Dive is kind of like a group meditation on steroids, except your eyes aren't closed, there's no weird or uncomfortable positions, and the effects stay with you for days, weeks, or months at a time. Imagine learning how to drop into states of complete freedom and peace, in minutes, that are so profound, you walk away happier and renewed by life. The same things people experience after decades of meditation training, people are experiencing in their first few dives. 

How Will You Feel After Your First Deep Dive?

Here are just a few of the comments from this morning's session:

"I feel energetic and completely motivated. I am wide-eyed and awed at the depth I got, the depths that I went on this Deep Dive. I am feeling VERY good and so energized and loved and connected. Thank you!" - Susan B.

"I am so happy. I can’t help it, I just want to laugh and play. My inner child is free and playing. I have so much love, I am so thankful. I am so emotional with happiness. I am pure love, it’s beautiful. I’m connected to Source as I speak with you. There are no words. Wow." - Rita R.

"I am feeling so grateful. I feel very accepting, completely non-judgmental, I'm pure compassion. Everything is so full of potential, not just myself, but the whole world. There is so much beauty, my eyes are open to the true beauty and potential this world has to offer. I feel pure, absolutely pure and loving and calm. So grateful, serene, and also excited about life." - Catherine G.

"I am so free. My mind feels like it's been renewed and I'm reborn. I am purified and innocent. I feel like a kid again. I am love. I'm just pure love." - Chris M.

Advanced Spiritual Technology That Goes Beyond Meditation And Yoga

While the Deep Dive Process doesn't rely on any specific tradition or belief system, it's helpful here to mention the Eight Limbs of Yoga as detailed in The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Leaving the first four limbs aside for the moment, the final four are:

  • Pratyahara - the withdrawal of senses
  • Dharana - meditative concentration
  • Dhyana - meditative absorption
  • Samadhi - union-enlightenment

The Deep Dive Process allows you to quickly progress through each of the latter limbs and experience union-enlightenment, sometimes within minutes of beginning. During "The Dive", the other four limbs of yoga happen automatically and effortlessly. 

During a Deep Dive, you will learn to transcend normal meditative and yogic practices and experience the union to which both ultimately point. Even people brand new to meditation and spirituality are having experiences most people don't believe are possible without years of dedication and practice thanks to this process.

The Deep Dive Technology doesn't follow any specific tradition and people of a wide variety of faiths and backgrounds have found it to be a life-changing practice that enhances their spirituality and their life.

The Universe Is Your Playground

You're going to love Dive Team!

As you work your way through the official Dive School training, you'll be able to participate in our Dive Team. Regular Deep Dives will teach you to enter profound and lasting states of inner peace, confidence, clarity and joy. You'll experience breathtaking states of abundance, prosperity, purpose and power. But Dive Team goes one step further.

In Dive Team, we use the Deep Dive Process to explore some of the most fantastic domains of human potential, including: the Akashic Records, ancient civilizations, lost knowledge, spiritual gifts, Astral Planes, energy healing and shamanic power channels.

The things we're discovering in Dive Team aren't just changing our lives, we're bringing back knowledge and technologies that are changing meditation, spirituality and the world. Dive Team is an ongoing spiritual adventure that explores all of the Universe and Creation Itself.

Encounter The Divine

As you enter the latter half of a Deep Dive, you will have experiences that can only be called Divine.

During recent Dives, people have:

  • Witnessed the birth of the Universe
  • Beheld the Divine All
  • Became vessels of pure Love and Light
  • Dissolved into ecstatic bliss
  • Pierced the veil and explored other dimensions
  • Purified past life karmas and all feelings of unworthiness
  • Awakened the Light Body
  • Transcended 3D awareness and entered dimensions of pure vibration
  • Realized the True Self and their eternal nature as freedom and peace

The Deep Dive Process gives you all the results of meditation and traditional spirituality, but it's faster, easier, and infinitely more profound.

You Can Have Lasting Joy And Peace

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