Mind Prana Academy Presents:


Mystery School LIVE



Oct 06 - Oct 13, 2019

Sedona, AZ

Experience untouchable calm...

...on-demand intuition, unbeatable joy, and direct access to Source Intelligence. Imagine being able to get any answer your heart desires to anything that's happening in your life. The Red Pill Retreat goes beyond "feel-good spirituality" and gives you direct *experience* of the highest truths, turning spiritual seekers into spiritual adepts and masters. Find out why some people are calling this training the "missing piece of the spiritual path that is guaranteed to change your life."

Rest. Relax. Awaken.

You close your eyes as a warm wind caresses your skin. You've been swimming in the ocean and you can still taste the salt water on your lips. You take a deep breath.

It's strange, but you feel like you're home.

Was it the massage? The morning meditation? Or the simple spiritual practice you began a few hours ago? Whatever it was, you feel different. More relaxed? Yes, but that's not it. Renewed? Again yes, but there's something more.


That's it. That nagging feeling you've felt all your life, the silent voice telling you there's more... more to you, more to life, more to the Universe... that feeling is finally gone.

You found what was missing, and it's changed everything.

You let your mind go as you listen to the sound of the waves crashing on the shore. Paradise. There's magic in the air here. You take another deep breath.

You still can't believe it's only Day 1.


The jungle is calling (or is it the beach?)

Seven days of sand, surf, and shamanic adventures are waiting for you in the magical land of central America. You'll feel right at home at this luxury resort, pampered and cared for to your heart's content. And while it's great to be deeply indulged, that's not the (only) reason you came.

Develop Your Psychic Perception

It goes by many names - the 6th Sense, ESP, the third eye, the pineal gland - and it's the true beginning of the spiritual path. It's the moment when energy becomes real, when Awakening truly begins, and when your spirituality and your life merge into one glorious expression of the divine.


Understand and Activate Your Spiritual Gifts

The Hindus called them siddhis - spiritual superpowers. They are unique expressions of every soul that allow you to perform feats of legend. It's time you awakened your gifts and made them your powers.

Navigate the Planes of Existence

Is your world the real world? Or have you been caught in an illusion? Learn to navigate the planes of existence, have out-of-body experiences, then come back and truly be able to choose and create your own reality.


Experience teachings that will leave you speechless in a setting that will take your breath away.



  • Transcend meditation and mindfulness and discover the real Power of Now
  • Activate your 6th sense and learn to speak in the language of Creation
  • Enter the states of consciousness associated with enlightenment
  • Discover the power of true telepathy that will make you masterful with others


  • Learn "The Master Key" that explains and unlocks the doors of conscious creation
  • Learn effective energy healing techniques that others can instantly feel
  • Use your spiritual gifts to go beyond New Age "manifestation" and actually alter the world around you
  • Finally be able to create a life of your own design


  • Feel and see the energies all around you that have been affecting you your whole life
  • Learn to live in peak "flow" states that give you access to the Universal Mind
  • Enter and navigate the Astral Plane and the Akashic Records
  • Experience other dimensions with your own Eyes

(oh, and  there's this...)

Your Guide

Chris von der Mehden is the founder of Mind Prana Academy. His simple approach to spirituality focuses on you experiencing truth for yourself. There is nothing to believe except your own experience. There is nothing to do except encounter the Divine.

His workshops are frequently called "life changing" and "truly transformational." Many healers report "finally getting it" following his workshops.

Chris teaches the quickest, gentlest, most effective path to accessing mystical states of consciousness.

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