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The Power of Gratitude

Discover why countless mystics and masters have hinted at the power of gratitude, and learn how you can use this frequency to bring an avalanche of blessings into your life.

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Living From Your Soul

If you're ready to finally stop searching for meaning and purpose, and instead, learn how to connect to and live from the Real You - the Soul -  this workshop is for you.

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We're in the process of moving over many of pre-December 2020 classes and experiences from Mind Prana. Many of these will be made public or become part of our 50-50 Initiative.

In the mean time, make sure you go through our powerful, upcoming training, The Power of Gratitude.

Experiences Coming In 2021!

I AM Source

Can meditation be easy and life-changing at the same time? What is the real key to true manifestation? How do you make sense of countless spiritual teachings and paths?

The answer to all of these questions and more is hidden in two simple words: I AM.

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Chakra School

The chakras are extremely powerful. They're also extremely misunderstood.

In this series, you'll dive into the ancient yogic teachings on the chakras and learn how to use them to own your power.


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The Zelda Lectures

For thousands of years, mystics and masters have hinted at the ultimate nature of reality. "Everything is an illusion," they said. "This world is just a dream."

But how would they phrase things today? Perhaps they'd compare this world to a virtual reality. Or even... a video game.

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Breath Is Life

The name says it all. Learn essential breathing techniques for melting away stress and anxiety, purifying the body and mind, and raising your consciousness to new heights.

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Empath Training

Empaths can experience the highest highs or the lowest lows. And while some people might experience their gift as a curse, with the right training, it can become the greatest blessing of your life.

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Unleash the power of forgiveness on your life. As you learn to start dropping the spiritual F-bomb throughout your life, you'll burst into a world of freedom, love, and joy.

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Premium Experiences

Mystic Awakenings

The highest spiritual teachings tell you that you're already free. You're already eternal-love-light-bliss. But what if that's not your experience? Can you just wake up to your True Self? Yes, you can. Freedom is right here, right now.

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Aligned and Magical

Aligned and Magical is a community of modern mystics and true seekers who are committed to letting go of all limitations and experiencing the infinite freedom, compassion, awareness, and power of the True Self.

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Certified Crystal Healer

Learn everything you need to know about working with crystals in the world's first by-donation CCH experience. This 50-50 program supports Rainforest Trust.

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Invitation-Only Experiences

Mystery School

The next round of Mystery School is about to begin. To experience what Mystery School is all about, watch the class below. For application enquiries, contact nagendra @

Transcending the Struggle To Awaken

Discover the secret wisdom

There is a secret wisdom woven through all spiritual traditions that frees you from your limitations and opens the doors to a miracle-filled life.

Beyond your current experience of life, there are the Timeless Mysteries. During deep meditations, perhaps there have been moments when you ceased to exist as a finite being on the planet Earth, and began to experience what could be called the Realm of the Soul. This is a higher dimensional reality concerned with a higher order of Being.

There are human emotions, then there are Higher Emotions. There are human thoughts, then there are Higher Thoughts. Mystery School deals with this higher level of emotion, thought, reality, and spirituality. It's about dismantling not only the limitations that keep you from living the life you want here on Earth, but it dismantles the limitations that keep you from living life as a Spiritual Being. In Mystery School, you'll explore things like the Mechanics of Miracles, Soul Purpose, the Real Sixth Sense, True Shamanism, Direct Energy Healing, Astral Travel, Void Walking, and more. 

Mystery School students will be initiated into some of the world's most powerful spiritual processes, receive invitation to private live events, and explore the cutting-edge of spirituality in Nagendra's non-public classes.

Mystery School is for those who are ready to enter higher dimensional consciousness and become channels of pure peace, compassion, love, and awakening into life on Earth.