Transcending The Struggle To Awaken

Miracles, Mysteries, and The New Spirituality

Read this first.

This is a 75-minute class, and it will take you straight into the heart of what is being called "The New Spirituality." The class was done back in August 2020 for our Mystery School students, and I'll let them tell you below what you can expect.

"I've waited a day after watching this video before commenting because it felt so profound to me that I needed to process what happened to me when I watched this.

"We've all heard about spirituality teaching us about oneness, but it has always felt like something far off, unreachable and conceptual to me; this video has rocked me to my core in a good way. Even watching a replay, when I channeled love to [Name], I had tears in my eyes and could clearly feel the desire to help her achieve her highest good. I extended it out afterwards to my close friends, and even went as far as my neighbors who my ego has never particularly liked.

"I feel relieved of the burden of constantly trying to manifest things and states of being, and the feeling of being a channel of the divine has simultaneously kick started me and taken the pressure off. Thank you for sharing this, I actually feel as though I can contribute to the healing of humanity in a tangible way rather than wringing my hands and not really knowing what to do."


Let's create a world of laughter, light, and love.

If you've completed the class above, then you're welcome to join us in the work we're doing to transform the world. Not only is a global awakening possible, it's inevitable. And consider that... it's what we're here to do.

If you haven't yet, be sure to join our group of like-minded spiritual beings over on Facebook. Check out our upcoming classes, or if you deeply resonate with what we're up to in Mystery School, you can apply for the year-long mentorship.

I have people ask me all the time what they'll learn inside Mystery School, and yes, we explore some of the most miraculous aspects of spirituality like Astral Travel, True Shamanism, Void Walking, Direct Energy Healing, etc. But the real focus is on living from the Soul and becoming a channel of pure peace, love, compassion, forgiveness, and enlightenment into life on Earth. The emergence and development of spiritual gifts, the outpouring of blessings and miracles into one's life, and everything else is a side-effect of walking the Path of Oneness and Love. If you'd like to apply for a spot, contact Nagendra.

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