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Are you ready to MASTER CRYSTALS and learn how to use them? We provide a simple, powerful approach to changing your life with stones. Whether you're brand new or already a certified healer, our hands-on classes and programs focus on an undeniable EXPERIENCE of energy and your personal TRANSFORMATION using crystals.


I'm Chris von der Mehden, the founder and director of the Crystal Healing Institute here at Mind Prana Academy. Below, you'll find a variety of free resources to get you started on your journey with crystals.

Before I taught crystal healing, I designed space-age crystals for use in Lithium-ion batteries as part of my graduate research in chemical engineering. My metaphysical approach to crystals is the same as my electrochemical approach - how can we deeply understand these processes and use them to enrich and better our lives?

If you're new here, the best way to get started is to grab a free class and dive in. Enjoy!


Everything you need to get started with crystals!

Understand Crystals: A Beginner's Guide to Stones

An in-depth, FREE multi-part video course. Learn absolutely everything you need to get started with understanding, choosing, feeling, connecting, and meditating with crystals.

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Crystal Healing Community Facebook Group

Connect with a network of crystal workers and stone lovers from around the world. We have periodic trainings, contests, and giveaways found nowhere else.

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Official Mind Prana Crystal Healing Channel on YouTube

Subscribe for the latest video trainings and crystal healing tutorials, and enjoy Chris's "no nonsense" approach to explaining the metaphysical world.



Discover the world's most powerful crystal healing training

Become a Certified Crystal Healer!

Master the healing process: Start with the basics, but go beyond them. Learn how to create lasting change and transformation in everyone you work with. Don't just balance chakras, address the REAL issues that are generating unbalance and dis-ease in the lives of your clients.

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The Smoky Quartz Masterclass

Activate your 6th sense and experience crystal energy in a tangible way using shamanic healing and sensory techniques.

This two-hour workshop has been repeatedly described as "life-changing." Find out why.

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Shamanic Crystal Healer: Personal Mastery Program

You've always been drawn to crystals and stones, but you KNOW there is so much more they have to offer!

Learn how to enhance every area of your life from health to wealth to happiness using crystals.

This is a 10-week deep-dive into blasting through blocks, developing your gifts, and mastering crystal energy.

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Shamanic Stonework: A Year of Healing Crystals

Each month for a year, we'll send you a high-vibration healing crystal from Heaven & Earth Jewelry that will take you on a journey of healing, awakening, and co-creating with the Divine.

With each stone, you get lifetime access to a Shamanic Stonework Masterclass by Chris von der Mehden, the founder of Mind Prana Academy. Each Masterclass is experiential and tailored to the stones you receive.

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