Embrace Your Oneness With All Things

When you deeply realize you are connected to everything, you will have found the secret to spirituality, self-actualization, and a magic-filled life.

We help spiritual seekers become who they were meant to be so that they can create lives of profound  purpose, peace, and magic.


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We believe that everyone can have an abundant, extraordinary life.

Our Three Pillars for a New Earth:


We combine Ancient Wisdom with modern science and transformational psychology to help you become your Highest Self.


Life is so much better when you've found your tribe. Why do things alone when you can have a group of friends helping you create an extraordinary life?


The source of almost all suffering on this planet is not realizing that we're all in this together. Let's create a world of laughter, light, and love.

The Greatest Adventure Of Your Life Is About To Begin

For thousands of years, mystics and masters have hinted at the ultimate nature of reality. "Everything is an illusion," they said. "This world is just a dream."

But how would they phrase things today? Perhaps they'd compare this world to a virtual reality. Or even... a video game.

In The Zelda Lectures, you'll learn to see the world through new eyes and be free. By using simple, enlightened perspectives, you'll learn to drop all experiences of fear, lack, and limitation, and confidently step into the life of your dreams.

One of many FREE classes inside our Awakening Academy.

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These popular, free classes are all designed to help you create an abundant, extraordinary life.

Discover Lasting, Powerful
Inner Peace and Prosperity

Can meditation be easy and life-changing at the same time? What is the real key to true manifestation? How do you make sense of countless spiritual teachings and paths?

The answer to all of these questions and more is hidden in two simple words: I AM.

In I AM Source, you'll see yourself, spirituality, and the entire universe in a new light. You'll deeply understand the essence of all true paths, and you'll finally experience the state of consciousness in which meditation happens effortlessly through you and there are no limits as to what you can manifest.

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Have You Experienced the Full Power of Gratitude?

Discover why countless mystics and masters have hinted at the power of gratitude, and learn how you can use this frequency to bring an avalanche of blessings into your life. Gratitude journals are great, but is it possible they only scratch the surface of this life-changing energy?

If you know that gratitude can fill your life with wonders, but feel like there's deeper for you to go, this class is for you.

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Unlock the Secrets of Your Chakras in Chakra School

Your chakras are the gateways to a life filled with confidence, power, intuition, and love. But so often, people don't develop the subtle skills required that allow the chakras to fully blossom. Do you want to find out what's been missing?

In this series, you'll dive into the ancient yogic teachings on the chakras and learn how to use them to own your power and transform your world.

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What our students say:

Petra Munyard

"Learning at Selvica has been an ongoing discovery and a deeper experience of my own divinity and the beautiful tangible connection we have to the world around us."

Misty White

"The training here is so incredibly valuable - prepare for a life changing experience. THIS is the learning we all need right now."

April Henderson

"Selvica's classes have helped me open up to miracles and the magic around us. It has been life changing! What I've gotten is so much more magical than I could have imagined."

Megan Kaczmarczyk

"The lessons I didn't know I needed until I took them! Life changing! I've let go of all my stress and am at peace regardless of what's happening around me."

Colleen Cromer

"These classes have opened me up to an entire new world of healing that has completely transformed my life. The teachings deeply resonate with my spirit. Highly recommend."

Kristin Hand

"Each class gently guides you on a deep exploration of Spirit within you. Selvica has helped me find a blissful connection to All That Is."

This is where ancient wisdom and timeless teachings deliver REAL results 


Master your mind, master your life, and become who you were meant to be. In our free, online Awakening Academy, you'll experience deep healing and explore the highest states of consciousness as you learn spiritual practices that deliver REAL results in health, wealth, happiness, and spirituality.

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Meet our founder

Hi! I’m Nagendra, a yogi, mystic, shamanic practitioner, and dad. I work with spiritual seekers who are ready to fully step into their purpose and power so they can create lives of magic.


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