Crystal healings, crystals grids, and shamanic stonework


Now that you Understand Crystals, it's time to activate your 6th Sense, and truly wield the power of stones. The simple, hands-on exercises in Mastering Crystals will teach you exactly how to work with crystal energies for healing yourself and others.

PLUS... you get a shamanic healing workshop and a building crystal grids workshop for FREE!

"What I can say, WOW! This course introduces you to a way of seeing crystals that no other course I have taken has done for me. I am certified in two different crystal courses, and I am a certified Master Crystal Practitioner. That being said, this training goes into depths that no other course can or ever will do. The information and experiences here are life changing!"

M. Florez
Certified Crystal Healer


  • Return to a child-like state that allows you to experience deep and lasting joy
  • Connect deeply to crystal energies
  • Experience soul-level healing
  • Supercharge your grounding abilities and release deep-rooted stress
  • Learn the crucial first step in healing absolutely anything
  • Overcome any blocks holding you back in life
  • Go deeper in your meditations with stones than you've ever gone before
  • Develop a healer's aura that other people can FEEL
  • And perform powerful distance healings for anyone in your life

Experience The True Power Of Crystals!
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"Thank you sooo very much for this super amazing journey! AMAZING guided grounding sessions, loved all the exercises, just a beautiful journey thank you so much!"

Steph M.

"Loved your passion Chris! Your ability to pass on the wisdom of the crystals in an easy and simple format allowed me to grasp the concepts and master them with very little effort. Loved the class!! Looking forward to learning more!"

Peggy S.

"That was an AMAZING experience, a thoroughly enjoyable, mind-opening and expanding experience... sending unimaginable gratitude, thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Samantha C.
Crystal worker

Complete Course Syllabus

Section 1: Shamanic Healing

Now that you've mastered the basics, it's time for some action! In this section of the course, you'll join Chris in a LIVE recorded shamanic healing workshop. This isn't a lecture, this is an interactive training. You get a workbook with 20 powerful crystal healing exercises not taught anywhere else that has repeatedly left even Certified Crystal Healers stunned and amazed at what's truly possible with stones. This class alone is often described as "life changing."

Section 2: Crystals and the Law of Attraction

In this new Mastering Crystals series, you'll go deeper into the Law of Attraction than you've ever gone before.

Learn how to use crystals to create anything you want in your life. Health, wealth, happiness, abundance... there is a crystal for that. But more important than the stone, is knowing how to use it.

BONUS 1: Energy and Activation

Lesson 1 - Can you have *too much* crystal energy?

Lesson 2 - Techniques for moving into alignment

Lesson 3 - Developing your spiritual gifts

Lesson 4 - Crystals and affirmations

BONUS 2: Changing Lives

Lesson 5 - Radical healing with Astaraline

Lesson 6 - How to become a healer

Lesson 7 - Magic and Mystic Merlinite

Lesson 8 - The Power of Light

BONUS 3: Building Crystal Grids Workshop

Join Chris as he builds a powerful crystal healing grid, explaining step-by-step how and why he chooses and places stones in this 30-minute workshop.

The grid in this workshop was designed with the intention of clearing blockages in your body, helping you find balance, and showing you how to regain the power to create exactly what you want in life.

You'll be guided into connecting and feeling the energy, and using it to accelerate your healing and awakening.

"This has been transformational to say the least. Many aspects of my life have changed. I’m more open & free. I finally feel like I’m living my life on purpose. The fears that I had once before (for so many things) don't resonate within me like they once did. I have left them behind. I feel like I did finally get out of my own way & I am doing what I came here to do. Helping others. I'm being open for what the universe brings my attention to & flowing with it fearlessly. I feel like I’m living in a “dream like” state with all these inner shifts. Thank you for all that you are doing Chris. I know this course is helping so many people & there is a “shift” you are creating to change the consciousness of so many. Thank you for all your time spent creating this."

Stephanie K.
Crystal Light Therapist

Common Questions

What do I need for this class?

For the Shamanic Healing workshop, we recommend that you have a piece of smoky quartz to work with during the exercises. This isn't required, but helpful. Also, the workshop is great when done with a friend. Again, this isn't required, but helpful.

How long will it take?

The first eight lessons are similar in length to what you experienced in Understand Crystals. The Shamanic Healing workshop itself is 75 minutes long. But it is designed to be paused throughout the training so you can explore the exercises. We recommend setting aside 2 - 3 hours to fully experience this part of the training. Then, you'll want to explore the exercises for many months to come to truly become a masterful healer.

What if this doesn't work for me?

Well, first of all, no one has ever gone through this class and said that. But if for some reason you aren't completely blown away by your experience in this training, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee


Watch Chris take a client through the Vibrational Ascension healing process using crystals. In this 90-minute session, Chris explains step-by-step what he is doing (and why) as he guides a client out of their old reality and into a higher vibration. (Some people say that the client actually looks taller as the session ends.)

This training is normally part of our Certified Crystal Healer program, but it's now yours FREE when you purchase Mastering Crystals.



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