Experience the Power of Crystals

Health, wealth, happiness, healing, manifestation... even magic.

There is a crystal for that!

Learn how to harness the healing power of crystals to radically empower and transform your life.

You are about to find out how these natural wonders can bring about soul-level healing and open up doors of possibility that you've never dared imagine.


Learn How To Work With Crystals!

Whether you want to use crystals for yourself, or even become a Certified Crystal Healer, Understand Crystals is a complete guide to getting started with crystal healing. And while similar courses can be found online for over $200, you can enroll in this one for FREE!

When you register, you get instant access to the training. Enjoy the daily lessons for up to a week! Topics to be covered include:

  • What is crystal energy?
  • How and why crystals work
  • How and why to cleanse your crystals
  • Simple exercises for learning how to FEEL crystal energy
  • How to meditate with stones
  • Which stones to buy (and where!)
  • Using crystals in your daily life
  • AND... a whole lot more!

"This was like a breath of fresh air, everything I wanted and needed to know all in one place (instead of culling here and there from so many different websites or FB groups). The way you explained why crystals needed to be cleansed really made sense. Plus... I really like your teaching style! Thank you!"

Susan K.
Shamanic Crystal Healer

Complete Course Syllabus

Day 1: Getting Started

Lesson 1 - What is crystal energy?

Lesson 2 - How crystal healing works

Lesson 3 - How (and why) to cleanse your crystals

Lesson 4 - How to FEEL crystal energy

Day 2: Diving Deeper

Lesson 5 - How to Connect to any crystals

Lesson 6 - Working with crystal energy

Lesson 7 - Using crystals in daily life

Lesson 8 - How to meditate with crystals

Day 3: Collecting Crystals

Lesson 9 - How to choose the right crystal

Lesson 10 - How (and where) to buy crystals

Lesson 11 - How to identify crystals

Lesson 12 - Crystals for getting started

Day 4: Beyond the Basics

Lesson 13 - Chakras, colors, and beyond

Lesson 14 - What is the best crystal for [insert situation]

Lesson 15 - Accelerated intuition and growth

Lesson 16 - Selenite and the journey home

Day 5: Mastering Crystals

Shamanic Healing and Sensory Techniques

"This course totally catapulted me in my journey towards crystals and healing! Easy to follow and understand, and I'd highly recommend it to anyone starting out in their journey! Can't thank you enough for taking the time to put it together 🙏💓"

Carla H.
United Kingdom

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