Visions, Power, and Alignment: The South Dakota Retreat

Sep 22 - 26, South Dakota, USA

Join Nagendra for his annual pilgrimage to Bear Butte and other vortices and places of power in South Dakota. The focus will be on opening up to your Soul's Mission and getting the clarity, power, and alignment to bring that vision into reality.
5 spots available.


By Application Only

Nothing, Everything, and Beyond: Advanced Meditation Retreat

October 25 - 29, California

Beyond meditation, beyond the Deep Dive process, learn the advanced techniques that take you beyond Creation Itself.

By Application Only

Shamanic Ecstasy, Dance, Visions and Power

January 05 - 08, South Bend, IN

Get ready for an EPIC year inside Miracle Masters as you learn to access the states of consciousness that open the floodgates of miracles into your life.

By Application Only