A Simple Exercise To Unlock The Power Of Midsummer

We just celebrated the summer solstice here in the northern hemisphere. As you know, it's the longest day of the year and historically known as "Midsummer."
Just like our bodies go through seasons and cycles affecting our energy levels, the whole planet goes through seasons and cycles that affect the planetary energy level. And so for thousands of years, people have aligned with and celebrated the changing seasons in order to have more ease and flow in their lives. Think about it, you can either work WITH the cosmic energy out there, or you can work AGAINST it... so let's look at how to work with the energy of Midsummer to do the impossible.
Note: everything that follows we pulled straight out of the Akashic Records during our Midsummer Dive in The Ouroboros Society.
The first thing Midsummer invites you to do is to HAVE FUN. The Midsummer energy is magnificent and powerful, and if you really want to connect to it, you start by having fun. This is why when you think of summertime - you think of hanging out with friends, drive-in movies, going to the beach, hot dogs, ice cold drinks, relaxing, late summer nights, dancing, sweating, catching fireflies, and living life to the fullest.
As you start having fun and celebrating life, you notice that you FEEL GOOD. The Midsummer energy reminds you that you are worthy of feeling good all the time. That's one of the secrets to becoming powerful, loving, and free. Feel as good as possible. The only thing that can pull us out of our natural, feel-good state is the mind. So with Midsummer, you want to go ALL OUT into feeling good.
As you do so, the mind stops controlling you, and you start controlling the mind. Most people get this backwards. They serve their minds. The mind has usurped control. You want to stop overeating or make a change in your life, but your mind doesn't let you! It has usurped control. But as soon as you let yourself feel amazing again, the mind becomes the servant.
And that's when midsummer really kicks in. By feeling good, you become the Highest Self, not the mind. Midsummer then invites you to tap into the power of the Highest Self. During the Dive, we could feel energy, magic, and light pouring into our bodies. Midsummer activates hidden potential, and as you open up to that power, everything becomes liquid and energy-like. You get pulled out of 3D and begin to experience the world... as a Dream.
Once you enter that consciousness, you realize anything is possible. If this world was a dream, you could create whatever brought you the most joy, right? That's the ultimate invitation of midsummer. Let go of the mind and allow yourself to feel the best you've ever felt. Once there, begin to view the world as a dream. Walk in the world like you're walking in a dream, and from there allow your heart to sing to you. Let it tell you its wishes and dreams. Open up to the cosmic power around you that can manifest those dreams as easily as you can manifest anything.
We talk in ARISE about viewing the world as a dream and how that can lead you into living from the Soul, and it's no surprise that the series came through just before Midsummer.
If you want to manifest things in this reality, now is a powerful time to do it. Midsummer is the time to not just dream impossible dreams, but to direct the energies of creation towards their manifestation. You have the energy of the planet on your side.
Let go of the mind, enjoy life, and fully experience the dream-like nature of reality. When you do, you'll discover that you can do anything.
PS - The latest video in ARISE focuses on three messages contained within an ancient alchemical symbol that can transform your life, open you up to new possibilities, and ultimately, change the world. They're the perfect compliment to embracing the power of Midsummer.