Is the idea of LACK keeping you from miracles? ✨

Did you know that humans are the only beings on this planet that experience lack? That's because lack doesn't actually exist. It's an idea that society made up, and it may be the single greatest source of suffering on this planet.

Is the idea of LACK keeping you from miracles?

The essence of so many spiritual traditions is that the All is whole, perfect, and complete. And that includes you! You are already and have always been whole, perfect, and complete. And when you begin to recognize and accept that state of wholeness, the idea of lack simply vanishes. There is nothing you can add to yourself that will make you more whole. And there is nothing you can take away that could in any way diminish you.

When you embrace your wholeness, you realize that lack was only ever an idea. It was a fault of perception. It wasn't really there. It just SEEMED to be there.

A Course In Miracles says that "Wholeness is the perceptual content of miracles." T-1.I.41:1
What this means is that the idea and perception of lack actually BLOCKS you from miracles. Whenever you buy into the idea that there's not enough time, money, love, resources, inspiration, or energy to go around, whenever you feel like something is missing in any area of your life, you have energetically shut yourself off from miracles.


Try it out for yourself right now. Imagine you have a lack of money. What does it feel like if you don't know how you're going to cover your expenses for the month. What kind of ideas do you come up with? Where do you focus? What DON'T you see?


Compare that to feeling like money is infinitely abundant. What does it feel like if you know you're always taken care of. What kind of ideas do you come up with? Where do you focus? What DO you see?


Do you see how acknowledging lack keeps your focus on just getting by, dooming you to repeat the experience of lack all over again next month? Whereas focusing on abundance opens you up to blessings, miracles, and abundant ideas. This applies to every area of life.

If you want to experience more health, wealth, or happiness in your life, let go of the idea of lack. Recognize that this universe is infinitely abundant. And when lack is gone, you'll experience the bounty that was waiting for you all along.

Love, peace, and miracles,


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