Experience deep peace by recognizing ONE thing...

One of the qualities of your True Self is that you are already and have always been free.

Think about it. When you were born, did you have any limits? Were you an introvert or an extrovert? Were you conservative or liberal? Were you a morning person or a night person?

No. You were NONE of these things. You were simply free.

As you grew up, you might have accumulated some labels, limitations, and definitions, but these are all things that are picked up and carried around. They aren't (and have never been) the truth about you. Because anything you pick up, you can always put back down.

The simple truth about you is that you were born free.

When you were a kid, you could feel any feeling you wanted to feel. You could think any thoughts you wanted to think. And you could be whatever kind of person you wanted to be. To me, that is one of the clearest signs of freedom. Freedom of emotions, thoughts, and ultimately, pure BEING. 

And while oftentimes in life, it may not seem like you have that freedom, know that you always do. No government, no institution, no court, no person, no law... nothing can take away the freedom that you have always had and the freedom that you always are.

For me the essence of the spiritual path is simply this: recognizing the eternal freedom that I already AM and have always been, and seeing that same freedom in others.

There is nothing required to experience this freedom. It's available to the spiritual and unspiritual. It's available to the rich and poor. You don't have to have your chakras balanced in order to be free. You don't have to open your 3rd eye. You don't have to activate your gifts. 

That's the beauty of the pathless path. You are already free, and nothing can change that ever. Let yourself right now feel what it's like to be completely free. Feel what it's like to know that nothing can ever take that away from you. 

No matter where life has led you today, no matter what circumstances you find yourself in, KNOW that you are already and have always been free.

Abide in the simple awareness of your eternal freedom today. When you do that, the mind becomes peaceful, the body relaxes, and the whole world transforms.

You are already free.

Love, peace, and freedom,