Anything Can Be Healed

Anything can be healed.”
A lot of people believe this about the mental and emotional body, but when it comes to the physical body, it’s easy to view your physical self as somehow more solid or “real” than your mental self. Energy medicine is great for sadness and depression, but what about for treating actual physical conditions or disease?
During one of our plant medicine explorations last night, the message (and experience) came through that "anything can be healed." This dive was unlike anything we’ve ever done before because it led us into a very physical body experience. People could feel the energy of the plant going into their physical cells. It felt like a big blast of sunshine and lifeforce that went into every nook and cranny of the physical body, filling it with aliveness and pure vitality and joy.
As our cells were bursting with this new joy, the body began to have profound realizations. The body (not the mind) realized that it was (and always has been) a piece of Earth, a piece of Pure Life. The body gave up its illusion of being separate from the Earth and separate from Pure Life. It got out of the way of the flow of Divine Lifeforce, and simply opened to that in each and every cell.
As this happened, one of the things we experienced was a cellular release of bad programming. We could actually feel the negative programming that was stored in the cells - that KEPT the body from healing, rejuvenating, and becoming an expression of pure Source – all release. It was like all these potential, healthy bodies were possible, but because of the cellular and genetic programming, by default we create only one experience of the body. The one that doesn’t feel healthy, vital, and full of life.
As our bodies purged this programming, we could feel things activating within. New potentialities. We felt ourselves become purified vessels of Divine Life, and it was in this place where we collectively felt and realized “Anything can be healed.”
A few years ago, in one of the Don Juan books, I remember the protagonist asking Don Juan how he was able to stay incredibly fit. He didn’t train or do all of the stuff that we tend to do in modern society for health. Instead, Don Juan said that he created his body from consciousness. If he wanted a body capable of trekking across the desert, he simply created it. If he wanted an old, decrepit body, he could create that too. And he could change what he’d created for his purposes at any time.
Our bodies are created from our consciousness. Our healing arises from our consciousness.
The problem is, if your body is full of bad programming, you have to clear that out BEFORE you can use your consciousness to heal yourself. The good news is, there is plant medicine that teaches you how to do exactly that.
Anything can be healed.
Is there a physical condition you are resigned to? Is there something where you feel like “that’s just how my body is going to be for the rest of my life”? Notice how if you believe that, you’ve actually programmed your body to be like that forever.
Do you believe anything can be healed? Those that experienced last night’s dive believe this absolutely. And we’re about to put it to the test.
I’m looking at doing a 30+ day physical transformation and healing experience. If you are suffering from any kind of physical condition, or even if you just want to transform your physical body (lose weight, become younger, become more vibrant and fit) and want to do this from a place of pure consciousness, let me know.
We create our bodies from consciousness, and anything can be healed.
This will be a shamanic healing intensive. It will require specific daily explorations of energetic plant medicine, so you need to be able to commit an hour a day (or more) to the practice.
This is part of the growing research that we are up to at the Selvica Institute. We are experiencing and exploring what’s truly possible for us as humans and what's possible through pure consciousness.
If you would like to apply to participate in this project, comment below or send me a message. We’ll take up to 20 people, and there will be a small investment to go through the program, so only apply if you’re serious about physical healing and transformation and are willing to do the vibrational work to make it happen. This is a minimum 30 day commitment, and we’ll be evaluating needs as we go along.
You really can create the physical body you want. Everything comes from consciousness. If you (or someone you know) would be a good fit for this, contact hello @ selvica . org