Chakra School


🧘‍♀️ Chakra School - Session 1 🧘‍♂️

WARNING: This may be the most advanced, effective teaching on the chakras you've ever experienced.

99.9% of the information on the chakras out there leads you in the wrong direction. It leads you into more illusion and confusion that actually prevents your full awakening.

In Chakra School, we're interested in the 0.01% of information that brings about transformation and the activation of latent potential. There is a power to the chakras, but you won't find it by balancing, aligning, or recalibrating as taught in countless YouTube videos and beginning courses in spirituality.

When Shiva activated his 6th chakra, he destroyed the world. It was a pivotal moment. There was life before the activation of the chakra, and life after.

Learn to go beyond fear, blocks, and ALL limitations through the power of your fully activated chakras.

This is session 1 of Chakra School. Later sessions are all happening inside our Spiritual Seekers group.

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