This mysterious energy allows you to GLIDE through life

Have you ever noticed that for some people, things always seem to work out? It's like they've got some kind of good luck charm on that allows the universe to conspire in their favor. These people (maybe you're one of them!) seem to just GLIDE through life.

And you've probably also noticed that for some people, everything that CAN go wrong, DOES go wrong. It's like no matter how hard you try to change your reality, it feels like the Universe is working against you.

It's really quite fascinating to observe the different polarities through which people experience life. For some people, life is easy, making money is easy, healing is easy, relationships are easy, and living from a place of purpose and power is easy. And as you know, for some people, life is hard, making money is a struggle, healing takes all of their time and attention, relationships are are a battle, and just forget about living from a place of purpose and power! 

But the real question is... what causes someone to be in one of those polarities versus another? And if your experience of life IS hard, is there something you can do to make things FLOW again?

There's a little known concept you might come across in ayurvedic circles or maybe if you take a yoga teacher training called "ojas". It's been described as vitality, lifeforce, a healing nectar, and the container of your abundant energy. It acts as a shield to stress, disease, and attacks from the outside.

Ojas is a mysterious, divine energy.

It's been said that the more ojas we have, the more immune we are to all forms of negative energy. Ojas has even been linked to things like rejuvenation and reversing the aging process!

If you search the internet, you can find various ayurvedic diets or meditative practices that are supposed to help in building ojas over a period of months. But if you've taken any courses at Selvica, then you know that we embrace the spirituality of oneness and recognize that ALL energies and ALL possibilities are immediately available to us in this moment because EVERYTHING is connected.

Embracing our connection to all things, we recently started a New Moon ojas process over in The Ouroboros Society, and I have to tell you, everything described above about ojas is true...

and also just scratching the surface of what this divine energy does!

The best way I can describe it is that ojas dissolves ALL the blocks that keep you from the Flow of Life and allows you to simply merge into a state of perfect alignment and harmony with the Universe. Ojas is Flow, it is Light, it opens the heart and causes it to radiate Unconditional Love, and it's one of the divine forces driving creation. As we learned to activate ojas with the New Moon, one of our members described her experience of this energy as "beyond euphoria." People were plunged into places of unspeakable joy that stayed with them. Ojas simply became part of their experience of life.

For me, the neatest part about ojas is how it just allows you to GLIDE through life. EVERYTHING starts working out. You start thinking, feeling, and acting not just as your highest self, but as the Universe. 

Needless to say, everyone going through the New Moon process has been BLOWN AWAY. Stress and anxiety melt away, problems resolve themselves, and all of the chakras blossom to life. The New Moon ojas process is a complete approach to spirituality in and of itself.

Here's what another of our members said about it:

"I have to share something that made me stop this morning. Since the New Moon ojas process, there are synchronicities everywhere and I am just in so much awe, I feel like I’m bursting. I don’t even know what to do other than burst open and giggle like a kid."

"Ojas is changing my life. I had so many issues coming up with our home, it was unbelievable. But I opened up to ojas. Literally everything was handed to us and taken care of within minutes of each issue. This is so transformational, and I’m eternally grateful for this experience."

If you've ever been struggling with life, trying to get things to work out, you may be low on ojas. Ojas is like a lubrication. It removes all frictions and resistances to you healing, loving, playing, and creating in life as your highest self.

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If you could use more EASE and FLOW in your life, consider building up your ojas. Everyone going through the New Moon ojas process in The Ouroboros Society agrees, it's a life-changing energy and a fast track to becoming the pure expression of love and creative power that you ultimately are.

Love, power, and OJAS,



The Ouroboros Society

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