The Secret To Success (start practicing this!)

I want to share with you what many people from the Ancient Yogis to the Modern Mystics say is the secret to success. (I'm also including two free tickets to some upcoming activation experiences I'm hosting over in The Ouroboros Society.)
As I'm sure you know, you're here for a reason. And no matter what your focus in life happens to be right now (health, wealth, happiness, relationships, purpose - or all of the above!), there is ONE thing that opens all of that up to you and more.
But to really understand what that one thing is, let me share one of my favorite quotes from an author named Richard Bach:
"There is no problem so big that it cannot be run away from."
I might rephrase that as, "There is no problem so big that it cannot be let go of."
This is a really profound realization when it clicks. Consider that ALL problems can be let go of. All problems can be surrendered. Now, this doesn't mean you don't take care of stuff in life as it occurs, instead, you surrender the "problem consciousness." You surrender the getting upset, you surrender the labelling the situation as wrong. You surrender that all-too-human habit of giving up our peace and power and connection to the divine when something "out there" isn't going the way the mind wants it to go.
So there's an art and a power to surrender. When you DON'T surrender, notice that you are focusing on what you DON'T want. You are resisting the situation, and two things begin to happen. Where attention goes, energy flows (to there being a problem.) And what you resist, persists (again, the problem.)
Oftentimes, our refusal to surrender in the face of a problem only prolongs the unwanted experience. This is huge! So instead of getting upset about conditions in life, if you choose to surrender and focus on what you WANT rather than what you DON'T want, what I've experienced so many times in my life is that as soon as you do that, things start working out. It's almost like magic, and as you'll realize below, it kind of is!
I talk a lot about surrender in part 4 of our Rainbow Warrior training series. (It's available for free in Awakening Academy.) Surrender, as you know, is a life-changing frequency. You can surrender to divine timing, you can surrender to your Highest Self, you can surrender to your inevitable success, and no matter what you surrender to, you open up to more and more of that experience.
Scientists have observed that surrender even changes your brainwaves and your neurochemistry. By practicing surrender, you can shift out of egoic thinking and the beta brainwave state and drop into alpha brainwaves, or if you're really good, theta, delta, gamma, and beyond. And here's a little secret: if you've heard of things like The Law of Attraction and Think And Grow Rich, they work... just not in normal beta brainwave consciousness! So surrender opens you up to those states of consciousness in which you can truly manifest and co-create with the Universe.
Do you see how surrender can unblock the flow of success and abundance into your life? The Yoga Sutras even tell us that surrender alone is enough to take you all the way into states of euphoria, freedom, enlightenment, and the activation of spiritual gifts.
That's why when I teach my 8-week Living As Your Soul experience over in The Ouroboros Society, the very first module focuses on "Creating A Life of Surrender and Bliss." We go so deep into surrender that our members begin to experience miracles. We've had people get dream houses, dream jobs, even be handed the keys to a yoga studio for free, all by learning to go deep into surrender.
The truth is, the Universe is on your side. God / Source / or whatever you want to call It, WANTS you to succeed. But people tend to hang out in problem consciousness, in beta brainwaves, BLOCKING themselves from all the goodness that wants to flow into their lives. Surrender takes you out of that and opens you back up to the Infinite Love and Abundance That You Really Are.
Are there judgements, attachments, and old wounds that you're hanging on to? Wouldn't it be great to let IT ALL go? How much lighter would you feel if you could just wipe away the past? Surrender is the key. And if you'd like help learning how to go so deep into surrender that your life transforms, you might want to join us for the Living As Your Soul Experience. This is an 8-week intensive that focuses on Living A Life of Surrender and Bliss, Discovering Your Soul's Vision For Your Life, letting go of limitations and opening up to Infinite Possibility, Making miracles your new norm through practical Dream Building, Unprogramming the mind and freeing yourself from self-sabotage / lack of confidence / etc, Developing your 6th sense and natural ESP abilities, accessing the real Akashic Records, Soulbook Clearing to wipe trauma, fears, old wounds, etc from your Soulbook and be free, plus activating your spiritual gifts and a bunch of other stuff we do over in The Ouroboros Society.
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That's all for now. Remember, there is no problem so big, you can't surrender it to the divine.
This is the Way.
Big Love,
1. Surrender your problems. This is the fastest path to success.
2. Rainbow Warrior 4 is up in Awakening Academy.
3. Get on the waitlist for our upcoming Living As Your Soul intensive.
4. Free Rainbow Warrior Activation Deep Dive! (Omg, omg, omg!) Tomorrow at 9am EST. Zoom link.