Spirituality That Makes A Difference

I've been going deep into the Inner Stillness lately. I could feel a message and a new clarity wanting to come through, and once you start feeling that, you just have to open up, let go, and keep going within until it comes to light. Well, it finally did.
I've spent well over two decades now in the "spiritual world." I've lived, studied, and apprenticed with shamans, medicine men, yogis, sorcerers, healers, and saints from around the world. And while I've experienced things most people don't believe are possible, one of the things I've learned during all this is that spirituality doesn't always make a difference. In fact, there are all kinds of potential traps within spirituality that can lead you AWAY from your purpose, away from this world, and make life MORE of a struggle.
Having fallen into several of those traps myself over the years, I now have a test I use when it comes to any kind of spiritual ideas, tools, or practices.
👉 Does this lead me more into living with purpose and power... or does this move me away from my purpose and power.
What I've found is that if you can connect your spiritual studies, tools, and practices to your purpose and power, you begin to activate what I call the Sacred Warrior Archetype. And that's what the world needs right now. We need more Sacred Warriors, in their purpose and power, that are ready to show up and make a difference in the world.
This is the message that's been wanting to emerge for me, and this will be the focus of everything I'm up to in the world right now.
Let's step into our purpose and power and begin to transform the world.
That's why we're here.
Love, light, and BOLD ACTION,