We Need To Go Beyond "Love And Light" Spirituality

The reason why we don't have the harmonious planet that we want right now isn't because of Big Anything, Evil Corporation du Jour, or [Insert Least Favorite Politician]. These are all symptoms of something much more fundamental.
The underlying condition we collectively suffer from as a species is being in a state of survival mode. As our default state of consciousness, this automatically causes us to protect, defend, and mistrust when we could be joining together. Think about it, if on some level you are afraid for your survival, you don't think about your neighbor or how your actions might affect the world around you. You're not focused on increasing the beauty, connection, or compassion on the planet. And in survival mode, your attention isn’t on co-creating with humanity or with the All. It's only when you feel safe and secure that you can move out of survival mode and into the higher states of consciousness. This is ultimately experienced as a return to oneness, a realization that we're all in this together, and the opening of the Heart of Service.
This is what true spirituality is all about. Can I know deep down that I am safe, I am secure, I am loved, and ultimately, that this world can't harm the Real Me? When I live from there, I'm free. I show up boldly, with compassion, ready to take actions that make a difference in the real world.
Being able to recognize survival mode in the world around you is one of the crucial skills that all Spiritual Warriors need to be cultivating right now. Some spiritual people don’t like the word warrior, but I use that word with intention. A warrior is someone who shows great vigor or courage. A Spiritual Warrior has the courage and willingness to hold a space of compassion and oneness amidst the mobs of fear and uncertainty around them. A Spiritual Warrior will be a stand for higher consciousness and a new way, even if it goes against the flow of society. And as the Rainbow Prophecy states, a Spiritual Warrior will be known "by their actions and deeds".
These are the people the world needs right now. These are the people who came here at this very time to make the Earth green again. These are the people who have a calling, a vision – nay - a MISSION, and are willing to do the work on the ground required to transform the planet.
The last two years have been rough. A lot of people aren’t just in survival mode anymore, they’re in PTSD. Look at what’s happening in the world and realize that the real crisis is in consciousness. The spiritual community needs to realize that we’re way beyond the point where “sending love and light” is anywhere near enough, especially if it’s not accompanied by real actions and deeds in the physical world.
It’s time to make a transition. It’s time to bring spirituality out of the clouds and onto the ground. It’s time to go from spiritual seekers to Spiritual Warriors. Is this not why you are here?
This is HOW we change the world.
There’s real work to do. This is what you've been preparing for.
Are you ready?