Yuletide Secrets for the Best Year Ever

There are great, cosmic forces driving this thing we call the Universe, and one of the secrets to creating the best year ever is to work with those forces, rather than against them. You can move a lot faster going downstream than you can upstream.

For thousands of years, mankind has known to tune into the rhythms and cycles of nature. We were once deeply aware of subtle shifts in energies and cosmic patterns. We built monumental henges and other wonders to track the movement of celestial bodies and open great energy channels with which to affect reality more easily. And following in the footsteps of our ancestors, we can still use those energy channels to create wonders in our lives.

While the recent conjunction gathered lots of media attention, the solstice came and went with little fanfare for most of the world. However, it too is a major celestial event, and one that offers great possibilities to those who are willing to tune into its power.

Our Dive Team recently explored Yule / the Solstice, and as usual, the deeper we dove, the more secrets we were able to uncover and bring back. So the following are some powerful insights from the dive and instructions on how you can use them to create an amazing holiday season and 2021.

The first few minutes of the dive were like opening a channel through darkness. We had an intuitive sense of a great spiritual light in the distance that wanted to come into physicality, but its way here was blocked. So we pushed through the darkness and eventually a tunnel or canal was formed and a beautiful light began to pierce the heaviness and darkness and come into the world.

The symbolism is heavy there. Yule is known to be the time of the birth of the sun child / Christ child. But the Yule energy isn’t about what happened 2000 years ago, it’s about what’s happening right now. This was just the beginning of the dive, and we were about to connect to a life-changing, world-changing energy, but here’s what I really want you to get from the beginning.

You have to push out of your current state. You can call it your comfort zone, your ego, your default programming - you can call it moving the assemblage point – the name doesn’t matter. What matters is that you make the shift. All the secrets we got from the dive, all the secrets you’re about to learn, don’t mean anything without the shift. We learned things about manifestation, miracles, and creation, but really get that you can’t “use” these secrets in your current state. You have to push through the darkness of the unconscious mind and make a connection to that place of spiritual light that is within all of us.

Once we’d pushed through the unconsciousness and made the connection, the Light began to enter physicality. We could feel that it wanted to be here, and when it finally came, there was a feeling of celebration. We were filled with joy and delight. The Light began to pour in. It poured into the room around us, and it poured into our bodies. Cares and concerns just evaporated and we became like kids again. It felt like dancing and rejoicing and being free. The Christ child had been born!

Now this is important: what comes next is what everyone wants. What comes next is what all the books promise you and tell you but if you don’t regularly experience life as a place of blessings and miracles, it’s because you’re trying to jump to the next phase without going through what came before.

You have to let the light in. You have to allow yourself to be renewed and held and set free. You have to let go of the ego’s addiction to problems and suffering and become like you were as a child. When you are ready to cast your clothes upon the ground and dance upon them like a kid, when you simply rejoice because of how you feel inside, that’s when the magic happens.

Consider this verse from the Gospel of Thomas:

Jesus said: “When you undress without being ashamed and take your clothes (and) put them under your feet like little children (and) trample on them, then [you] will see the son of the Living One, and you will not be afraid.”

So we were rejoicing in the Light, and that rejoicing began to spread out from us. As we dove deeper, we realized that this Light that was transforming us was transforming everything. The whole world was rejoicing. This whole creation was a place of celebration and dreams coming true. That’s when everything began to feel like Christmas morning. Every desire we had, everything we merely thought, was being given. This was a place of co-creation and play and discovery. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – kids are great manifestors. They don’t manifest from a place of lack or need, they manifest from a place of instinctually knowing that the Universe wants to bring about blessings and miracles into their life.

One of the clearest things that you can realize in that state is that the Universe is on your side. You may have heard that before, but like I said at the beginning, you have to shift. You have to go there and allow it to become your experience.

Try it on right now. What happens when you truly allow yourself to feel that the Universe is a place of limitless abundance and it wants to shower you in blessings and miracles. Just take a few minutes and FEEL that. Allow the world to feel to you right now the way it does to a child on Christmas morning.

We were only about 20 minutes into the dive at this point and the best was yet to come. As we dove deeper and really embodied the feeling of “ask and you shall receive”, we went to a place of Pure Creation. In this moment happening right now, even as you read this sentence, the Universe is responding. Whatever you feel, whatever you think in the Universe’s language, you are getting more of right now. You are manifesting your reality right this very second. And when you really go to that place, the only question becomes, “What do I want to create?”

So we were in Pure Creation mode. Our own Divine Imaginations were the only limits as to what reality we could give birth to. So we began to allow up our visions and dreams. What sounded the best? What was the most exciting?

In that state of consciousness, you can literally choose any vision or dream you want and set Universal forces into motion to bring it into existence. This is part of the energy of Yule, and I believe this why soon after Yule, even today we still do New Year’s resolutions. When you connect to the season, it’s energetically inviting you to get clear on what kind of world and reality you want to create. This is a very powerful time to dive into Infinite Possibility and start crafting a vision for the New Year.

Now if I told you there was an energy channel you could connect to right now that would allow you to bring anything you want into existence, for most people, that would be enough. You can have any house or car or experience of life that you want, and the Universe, being the miracle that it is, is waiting to give it to you.

But we didn’t stop there. That was but a layer of consciousness we passed through as we dove. And to go deeper, we joyfully let go of all the dreams and visions. As we connected more and more to the Light entering physicality, we discovered that the sun child / Christ child wasn’t being birthed as something outside of us, it was being born within us. As the little spark of divinity came to life in our bodies, it grew. We realized that we weren’t beings of flesh and blood, beings concerned with cars and homes and things, because there were things so much more beautiful and wondrous than anything the 3D world has to offer. We became aware that we are beings of pure Love and Light. And our greatest joy was to spread that light and create Peace on Earth.

We became the Christ Child and we began to see the Christ Child in others. And there was no greater joy than this.

The fullness of the Yule energy isn’t about presents or gifts or even resolutions, the fullness of Yule is in looking at the world through the eyes of the Christ Child. It’s about being Pure Love and seeing that Pure Love in others and all of creation.

And one of the greatest secrets of manifestation is this: if you will connect to that Love and begin to see it in all things, within that frequency, “all these things” will be added unto you as well. The highest vibration of Yule contains within it everything we passed through on our journey.

So recognize your dreams, give voice to your vision… and let them go as you recognize the spark of divinity within you that is Pure Love entering creation. Feel that love within, recognize it within others, see nothing but that Divine Love everywhere you go, and I promise you this: blessings and miracles will pour into your life throughout the coming year in ways you have never dared imagine.

Let the Light in. Dissolve into Love. And let’s create Peace on Earth.

The Christ in me celebrates the Christ in you,


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